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Here We Will Give You A Brief Description of Each And Every Module That Is Included In QMS

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Document Control Module

Upload all your documents make folders and keep your work instructions, your Quality Manual, your procedures all backup 24/7! never loose a document anymore.

  1. Your Documents Where You Are
  2. Secure And Safe
  3. Shared Between All Work PCs

Training Records Module

Keep all records of all your employees training, and see when they are due again for trainning with QMStrak, we made our online software easy to use, but at the same time as powerful as it can be.

  1. Kepp Track Of Employees Trainings
  2. Keeps all the training record
  3. Easy To Use

Investigation (NCR)

Create your NCRs and check effectiveness, see when they need to be closed with Qmstrak online software. Loose those word files and excell documents and start using our online software.

  1. Keep An Eye On NCR
  2. One Click Email
  3. Get NCRs Filled Online

Calibration Module

Have all your tools and equipment calibrated see when they are due again with our online software add a tool calibration certification and complete the calibration task with a fail or pass.

  1. Kepp Track Of All Calibrations.
  2. Lets You Know About The Due Dates
  3. One Click Option To Calibration All.

Suppliers Module

Add all your suppliers include their approvals and upload their certifications and let our system track when they need to be reaproved or recertify.

  1. Organize The Supplier Data
  2. Keeps Track Of Supplier Certifications and Approvals
  3. Lets Supplier Upload Their Certificate On Demand

Customers Module

Add your customers sent them surveys receive feedbacks with our system.

  1. Lets You Manage You Customers.
  2. Share NCRs With Customers in One click
  3. Know You Customers Where Ever You Are.

Employees Module

Add every employee keep track of their trainning add employee as active or deactive assign an employee to handle inventory, raw material inventory and tool inventory.

  1. Keep Eye On Employee Performance
  2. Manage Their Trainings.
  3. Know Who Handle What

Inventory Module

Simple Inventory module for your tools.

  1. Lets You Manage You Inventory.
  2. Is Simpler
  3. Easy To Learn.

Surveys Module

Keep track when your supplier or your customer needs a survey keep track when is received.

  1. Lets You Create Surveys
  2. One Click To Email Survey
  3. Get Surveys Filled Online

Reports Module

Create all kinds of reports from inventory, employees trainning and suppliers certications or surveys.

  1. Know The Real Time Situation Of You Business.
  2. Graphs to show the Stats
  3. And Over View Of All Work.

Our Ambition

Our main objective is to provide and easy to use and learn Quality Management System.

How It Works

Its really easy to work on LiveTrak as it is designed in a ways to provide eas to manage the data and keep track of each and every thing that is due..

Key of Success

As to meet ISO-9001 requirements companies have to keep track of their work and processes to assure the quality. LiveTrak QMS is spevifically designed to meet the ISO-9001 requirements.